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Wholesale Honey Companies| Raw and processed honey in bulk with low price

Wholesale Honey Companies

Honey is a useful food product and a valuable elixir. Unfortunately, in our country, not only is it not a matter of medicine, but it also has a low consumption of food.

This valuable product, based on vegetation and climate diversity, has different percentages of different vitamins B, C, K, E, and magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, and is about 330 kcal per 100 grams.

Wholesale Honey Companies| Raw and processed honey in bulk with low price

top 10 Honey Companies in Europe

top 10 Honey Companies in Europe raw honey

Types of honey are usually classified in several ways:

1- Based on the source of nectar collection and the type of plant that the bee collects from the nectar:

Honey bees usually collect nectar from several plants, but in some mountainous regions there may be a dominant plant in the area used by the bee, in which case the natural honey can be obtained The name of the above plant is called:

 Thyme honey, honey honey, Cedar. Occasionally, honey bee colonies may be placed close to the vast agricultural areas where a crop is sown. In this case, the natural honey obtained can be called the name of the product, such as citrus honey, clover, and sainfoin. In some areas, a certain plant is not dominant, and natural honey obtained can contain several nectar of flowers, which is called mixed honey or mixed honey, and sometimes also beekeepers, the honey of different regions combined with special techniques It makes honey forty herbs.

Honeycomb wholesale suppliers in UK

Honeycomb wholesale suppliers in UKhoneycomb

Based on the location of honey colony colonies (place of production):

In this segmentation, the geographic area is the designation of this product,

3- Fits the production time:

A) Spring honey, like citrus honey and acacia honey, which collects bees early in the spring.

B) Summer honey, sometimes called autumn honey, and the time of collecting it in the middle of summer or even early autumn, such as thyme honey, sauerkraut, honey honey.

Forest Honey

This kind of honey comes from several types of wild plants that go every year in certain areas and may vary from year to year due to its weather, taste and taste. From this category you can name the dark wood honey in Germany, which has its own fans. Honey produced from the European forest and mountains is central to most of the pine trees (PINUSSPP) and honey from MANUKA in New Zealand from LEPTESPERMUM SCOPARIUM, a very potent anti-microbial agent.

best kinds of honey for export

best kinds of honey for exportThe release of sugary materials of trees and nectar of flowers that are collected, altered, and stored inside the cells of the bees are called natural honey.

How to make flower nectar and turn it into natural honey

Flower Nectar contains water and sugar, which depends on the type of plant and environmental factors such as air temperature, humidity, soil type, and so on. In plant tissues, there is an accumulation of sugar, in certain conditions, especially during the growth of the plant, the water rises through the root and goes to the ends of the plant (such as the limbs of flowers), at this time it solves this sugar in its path. Thus, the plant’s glands enter the body and secrete the sap.

honeycomb price list 2019

honeycomb price list 2019honey manufacturers

Sugars account for 95 to 99 percent of the dry matter content of honey. Most of these sugars are fructose and glucose, which is 95-85% of total sugars. Fructose is generally more abundant than glucose. Simple sugars, especially fork, due to their high percentage, provide the most important physical and nutritional properties of honey. There are a few types of other sugars, such as disaccharides (sucrose, maltose and isomaltose), and a number of tertiary saccharides and molds in the honey. Although the presence of these sugars is not significant in terms of quantity, their existence can provide information on the falsification or originality of herbal origins.

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