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Natural Honey Types

Natural Honey Types

Natural honey is a product of honey bees feeding on nectar of flowers & plants. If honey bees’ food when producing honey is nectar only, the product is a hundred percent natural & pure honey.

Natural honey could be divided into monofloral and multifloral types.
Where more than 70% of an area’s vegetation is comprised of one plant species, honey collected from that area is recognized after the same plant name. If vegetation of an area where the apiary is placed includes different plant species, the collected honey is of multifloral type.
Natural honey has different parameters, the most important of which are as follows:
Sucrose 3% max., moisture between 17 to 20%, fructose-to-glucose ratio 0.9 min., enzyme Proline 180 min.

Different honey types produced and supplied by Yas Honey Co. comply with the defined standards and are completely natural with regard to color, smell, and flavor.

Bee wax

Bee Wax

Besides the apiculture industry, wax is widely used in many other cases such as hygienic items & cosmetics production, the candle industry, sculpture, etc.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is another product of honey bees which is a miraculous medicine to humans. The substance is, in fact, the queen bee’s food. Today, royal jelly helps humans treat refractory diseases.
Furthermore, royal jelly is used to cure barrenness & sterility, cancer, the nervous system diseases like PD, MS, and AD.



Honey bees collect a thin film of resin from plants and after taking into the hive mix it with wax, honey, and pollen and produce something called propolis.
Propolis is used to protect the hive against wind & cold; it is also used as an antibacterial substance inside the hive.
The color of propolis depends on vegetation and area where the apiary is placed; it can be black, brown, greenish brown, and green.
Propolis is highly efficient as to increase human body’s defense & immunity power. Today, it is used to treat infectious diseases and cancer types.

Bee Pollen


Honey bees do not produce pollen but collect it to carry into the hive. This product is also a medicine to humans.
Pollen can be used to treat prostatitis or boost sexual desire. It is used to treat allergy and diabetes as well.