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Honey Import Supplier | Leading honey suppliers in Europe

Honey is very useful for children and adults, and we all know that this natural honey has many benefits. The honey extracted from the nectar is one of the best gifts of nature and can help your body.

Honey, as a healthy food, not only has a delicious taste, but also helps provide health to children, especially the elderly.

Honey is widely used in the treatment of diseases such as cough and cold, influenza, eczema and ulcers.

Honey is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients essential and antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Honey Import Supplier distribute their products in different packaging in the country.

Benefits of honey for the body: 

  • Honey protects the liver.
  • Honey helps control blood glucose.
  • Relieves sore throats: Honey for children’s cough replaces a cold syrup in many homes and has a significant impact on the treatment of children’s cough and cold.
  • Improvement of stomach upset: Honey can be a good substitute for chemical drugs. Honey helps to reduce pain and can also increase body metabolism during this time.
  • Toothache treatment: Cinnamon honey is a good combination to treat dental pain. You can mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and five teaspoons of honey and directly into the teeth.
  • Helps digest: Natural honey helps digest food. When you have a stomach problem, you can drink tea with honey. Tea and honey are very useful for the treatment of stomach pain.
  • Dry skin is refreshing: Honey is one of the best moisturizers for the skin. You can mix your moisturizer with honey and lemon, or honey and aloe vera or a little bit of honey, and apply on your skin.

Honey Import Supplier| Leading honey suppliers in Europe

pure natural honey for sale in UK

pure natural honey for sale in UKHoney is a product that is popular in the world due to its high nutritional value. England is one of the countries that consumes a large amount of its income each year to buy honey. Usually honey in the UK is imported.

But which countries produce honey? Iran is one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of honey. Usually 38 kinds of honey are produced in Iran. But the most expensive and best kind of honey is Thyme honey.

high quality honey for import

high quality honey for importAll countries produce honey. Because the production of this product is not very hard. But do all the produced honey have equal value? The answer to this question is negative. Because the value of honey depends on the type of flower that the bee feeds on it. But Iran is one of the best exporters of quality honey. Iranian honey is pure and natural and does not contain any preservatives.

best wholesalers of honey in the world

best wholesalers of honey in the worldCountries like Turkey and Kuwait are among the Iranian honey customers. And some European countries also buy indirectly from Iran. Because Iran’s climatic conditions are suitable for honey production. One of the reasons why Iran honey is superior to other countries is the variety of Iranian flowers and plants. China is the largest producer of honey. After China, the United States is the second largest producer of honey. Argentina is the third-largest producer of this product. Honey Supplier sell their products in packages of 1kg and 3kg.The price per kilogram of honey is $ 10. But this price is not fixed.

standards of honey

standards of honeyraw honey, like other products, has standards. It is one of the most important factors in the low moisture content of honey. Pure honey does not have moisture and is therefore corrupted later. Natural honey has a lot of adhesion, and when you pour a drop of honey on your nail, you will see that it does not pour.High quality honey has a reddish color, and if it is placed in the refrigerator, sugar is not added to it.

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