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Honey Traders | More than 88000 Honey Trades 2019

Honey Properties A miracle for the health of the body:Honey, Nectar, and Matter The sugar content of the plants collected by the bee is changed and the honey is stored in it.Honey has existed naturally in rocks and in forests, but humans have been practicing honey for about four thousand years ago.Honey consumes bacteria that cause acne. Using topical honey, you can treat diabetic wounds.Honey is a sore throat and soothing sore throat and is considered as a syrup. By improving the flow of blood, it prevents heart disease and damage to the veins and especially the capillaries.Honey has antibiotic properties and is gentle and sleepy and relaxing. To help eliminate constipation, accelerating healing of the wounds, preventing infection is beneficial.Nowadays , there are to many honey traders all around the world. To make one kilo of honey, the bee must nest "20" million flowers and carry it.

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