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Honey Trade and honey traders uk Honey is a sugary bean that creates flower nectar. It has the highest ranking among foods because of the existence of some fermented materials in food interchange and digestion.  Honey is easy to preservation, export, and trade. Nowadays, some honey traders such as UK produce high quality honey, so it has a lot advocate in the world.How to export honey?One factor is labeling. Honey is a product that sells based on the information given on the label. Therefore, attractive, informative, and effective labeling is very important.The other factor is containers or packing. For marketing honey, containers  or honey packers should be lightweight, of low cost, and see-through.It is very important that collection centres should have enough working capital to buy honey and wax. Therefore,  they have a good quantities to interest traders. when beekeepers have credit in the centre so that beekeeping could be determined as worthwhile business.  Nowadays, there are many honey exporters all around the world. Iranian honey has been exported to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Turkey.  .

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