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bulk organic honey| Leading Brands of Honey In global market

Organic honey is always produced by some factories and beekeepers because of its special place among the people. Organic honey is very hard to produce and therefore more expensive than other honeys.

Organic honey can be produced and marketed in various packaging. Some people think that honey that is packaged in a very elegant way cannot be natural and organic. bulk organic honey is manufactured by some beekeepers and factories, and you can purchase beekeepers or authorized agents throughout your city or province to buy and sell Organic Honey.

bulk organic honey| Leading Brands of Honey In global market

Dealers of honey in global market

Dealers of honey in global market Different products in the world are made from honey or honey blend. Honey is used in a variety of areas such as medical applications, disease prevention, and health. Announcing the list of the largest honey producers in the world to encourage the honey industry, the top of the list are :

  1. China: Even before discovering the healing properties of honey. It was used as a substance to heal and improve the disease in this country. In addition to being the largest honey producer in recent years, it has also become the world’s largest honey exporter. Former competitors were Mexico and Argentina. The total amount of honey produced in this country is 305,000 tons per year.
  2. The United States of America: Despite droughts affecting honey production in most US states, it is second on the list. Good sources of honey production are found in the Northeast, the Middle East, the Southeast, and the Southwest. Honey production in the country is 82,000 tons a year.
  3. Argentina: Honey is one of the economic boosting factors in Argentina. In fact, the country exports 80 percent of its honey and contributes to 20 percent of global honey exports. 50% of its honey is exported to Germany. The total production volume of Argentine honey is 80,000 tons per year.

And after these countries, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, Russia, India, Ethiopia and Spain are next in the rankings of honey production and sales in the world market, respectively. (bulk raw honey 5 gallons at least in these countries.)

Which countries have high quality honeys?

Which countries have high quality honeys?When it comes to the best and best quality honey, everyone recommends the best honey experience in any country. But here we are going to examine the honey of each country to judge for yourself which countries the best honey in the world belongs to. The fact is, I want to tell you that each country produces its own honey depending on the type of vegetation, so it is not possible to say exactly which countries produce more quality honey. The world has a huge variety of honey produced in each of the different countries. And not every country has the capacity to produce all kinds of honey. However, the honey of the Kaski region of central Nepal, made from the wild bees of the Himalayas, has an international reputation.

The advantages of using organic honey

The advantages of using organic honeyDue to the lack of chemicals used in organic honey production as well as the feeding of bees from the nectar of plants that are not used to control pests and diseases, organic honey is compatible with the human body and has no side effects like other chemicals. They are not produced and all the natural properties of the plants can be found in real organic honey.

The general properties of organic honey can also be mentioned:

  • Honey is anti-cancer
  • Honey the strongest natural antibiotic
  • Wound healing and burns
  • Increase memory
  • Treatment of colds and coughs
  • Insomnia treatment

Best organic honey wholesale suppliers

Best organic honey wholesale suppliersUnfortunately, in most countries, people turn to hot kinds of honey and as a result, beekeepers keep their honey in storage or sent to packaging plants where they heat the high-quality pure honey and lemon or citric acid in it. They added that they would no longer be thankful and that people would buy them if they were produced by the heat of hydroxymethylfurfural toxin and would give consumers low toxic and low-grade honey. Buy raw organic honey from beekeepers to develop both beekeeping and pollination More and more has been achieved and the volume and quality of agricultural products have increased, which indirectly when the crop is high, prices have fallen and the general public, farmers and gardeners are taking full advantage of this high volume price reduction.

In addition to the growth of beekeeping in Iran, there has been a lot of employment, both directly and indirectly, which is one of the results of honey production and beekeeping support, which benefits the farmers, the gardener, and the general public.

bulk varietal honey In addition to having the general properties of honey, it also has the unique properties of the plant from which honey is produced.

The wholesale honey distributors usually sell their honey in bulk. The best kind of natural honey comes from the nectar of plants in cows and fields. Quality natural honey production for producers The best natural honey has many hardships. The types of natural honey produced and marketed by natural honey producers in the country.

Prise list of honey in Iran

Prise list of honey in IranThere are many factors that determine the price of honey in Iran and it is not easy to give a general price list for it. In Iran honey for sale is usually available from the lowest to the highest price, which is in line with their quality. For more detailed information on this, it is advisable to consult with experts on the Internet.

Note that the price of organic honey is at the highest level in world markets. Also, some honey dealers or beekeepers with unrealistic and profitable justifications can offer you a very high price. Even honey sellers sometimes sell ordinary honey instead of organic mountain honey, or instead of wild honey at very high prices.

Also, some of the profitable beekeepers and beekeepers who have old basket hives have exploited this ignorance of the people and sold their beehives at incredible prices.

Consumers of honey know that in a region if there is both a modern hive and a basket, the honey they produce has no difference.

Is Iranian honey good in quality?

Is Iranian honey good in quality?Organic honey is one of the most unique types of natural honey produced by bees from all kinds of medicinal plants available in the highlands that are produced without any contaminants. From contaminants such as car and factory smoke and types of contaminants and pesticides used by farmers and gardeners, which are used for their farms and orchards and often infiltrate current water sources, resulting in bees They use it and transmit it to Kennedy, reproduce it, and honey is free from any environmental pollution.

Fortunately, due to the absence of factories in the mountainous highlands of Iran, organic honey is remarkably Produced and of high quality, it has the potential for further development and production and is mostly bought and consumed by locals in the area, and about 2% is marketed, which is unfortunately still open due to the same popular misconceptions that honey.

Therefore, in general, we can say that the honey produced in Iran is of high quality and Iran is one of the important countries in the field of bulk honey for sale near me.

Cheapest honey producing countries

Cheapest honey producing countriesYou must have heard that not everything is cheap! The same is true of honey sales. If the honey for sell is cheap, it is of poor quality and may not be natural at all.

Cheap Shukri Honey for Export :

 In some countries, the production of cheap and high-quality chickpea honey is done. The main purpose of this product is to export and to various countries such as Turkey and Iraq. In some parts of the world, there are companies that are manufacturing and packaging honey. These companies use sugar to increase the production of their products and supply it to the bee by the rules.

On the market, this type of honey is often called chewing honey, which is usually cheaper than natural honey. In companies that produce specialty honey, you can see a premium quality product. So that it does not look like natural honey.

This action requires experience, and companies are doing it well. Importance of honey-producing companies is export.

  • Armenia
  • Turkey
  • Iraq
  • Russia
  • Kuwait
  • Emirates

There are countries that sell candy honey Cheap are ideal.

How many types of honey are there?

How many types of honey are there?Varieties of honey available in the market :

Honey is classified and named in different ways and is defined by three types of honey that are exceptional:

  • natural honey
  • Nutritional honey (edible)
  • Industrial honey

The best natural honey producers.

natural honey : Natural honey produced from nectar of various plants and in mountains and plains.

Nutritional honey : This type of honey is produced by bees using some syrups mixed with water, sugar and syrup

Industrial Honey : This type of honey is produced in factories with some sweeteners and essential oils

Below we discuss in detail the different types of honey :

The most famous and popular is organic honey. Organic honey is a term that is widely heard today by honey consumers, but is organic honey different from natural honey?

Natural honey in its unique state can be considered honey because it is made by bees. The antithesis of natural honey is artificial honey that we have no discussion about at present. Honey may also be additives that remove it from its natural state.

“Organic” is a term used to describe the method of growing or producing a product. Natural honey can be both organic and non-organic according to the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Organic honey :

Most of the time it is organic when the honey is taken from the main place, the hive. To be considered organic food, you must:

  • Produced in intact soil.
  • No correction and seizure.
  • Stay away from conventional or non-organic products.
  • No abnormal pesticides, bioengineering genes or other synthetic products should be used in the preparation or maintenance of honey.

When honey is safely collected from the hive, it is still in the organic phase. Honey may contain spores (spores / bacterial eggs or fungi) that can cause a deadly infection called botulism.

To prevent this infection, they may either pasteurize the honey or heat it until the bacteria are killed. This process, if carried out in accordance with USDA standards, will not affect the organic state of honey. People looking for the most natural and organic honey usually buy bulk raw honey near me.

natural honey :

Natural honey has been used in the treatment of many diseases until now, the most important of which is its antimicrobial properties. While honey is a perfectly edible material and should normally be a good environment for breeding germs, germs are exposed to natural honey and their bodies are gradually destroyed. Because natural honey contains antibiotics and diastase enzymes.

Natural honey produced by bees. The beekeepers collect it and pack it for delivery to the customer. As long as the honey is collected and packaged, it is quite natural.

Any extra work that the company or beekeeper does after collecting with honey can turn it from normal to abnormal. Natural honey with minimal processing can be considered organic but does not receive a USDA organic seal.

Abnormal and non-organic honey :

Adding preservatives, flavors, or using bees whose genes have been upgraded makes honey in most cases both organic and abnormal. The American Nutrition Association claims that some natural flavors may preserve the integrity of honey. This is because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not given any specific explanation as to what the natural ingredients are.

Adding fresh berries or any other natural ingredients to the honey can change the taste but preserve the natural integrity of the honey. Honey is no longer natural when added to an artificial substance such as chemical dye or factory sugar.

What is fake honey or artificial honey?

Fake honey is a honey that is mixed with other ingredients and is gross. It may be real honey at first, but other ingredients have been added to increase or increase its value: glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, corn syrup, starch, or other similar products. Apart from the nectar of flowers. Every cheaper honey in the grocery store means that you will not buy pure honey despite advertising and fake labels. Recent security research has revealed very disturbing facts about honey found in stores.

Up to 3% of the honey found in supermarkets is collected and analyzed. Manufacturers say the filtering process is important to prevent crystallization and increase product life span, yet most consumers are unaware that pollen is important to our health.

Estimate honey price in next year

Estimate honey price in next yearPredicting the future in any field is difficult because the world is changing every day and it may surprise us. However, if we are to estimate the price of honey in the coming year, we must consider the many factors that are involved in determining the price of honey. Also, the exchange rate changes in the world markets can be effective in our estimation.

For example, no matter what type of honey you are considering (such as Lal or Honey or Asa Spring), before we can estimate the price of a quality, natural honey, we must note that it is produced by bees. Secondly, the bee is not fed with sugar or sugar. Honey is actually natural. And natural honey itself has a number of parameters, each of which shows us the quality of good honey. Parameters such as the amount of sucrose, the amount of moisture, the amount of honey ph, each of which has a standard value that indicates the desirability of honey.

So estimating the price of honey in the coming year is not easy at all because many factors are involved in determining the price of honey. There may be sites on the Internet that have estimated this price or can help you with this.

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