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bulk honey prices| Best seller honey brands in 2019

bulk honey prices : Honey is the first honey bee product that has been used by humans since ancient times. The history of using honey has been in keeping with the date of creation and in almost every culture evidence of its use as a food source has until recently been available to people in most parts of the world as the only concentrated form of sugar, Therefore, this unique positioning, among other features of this product has provided a very valuable and respectable place for it. Due to the increasing attention to honey in every culture, there is a great diversity in its products. Honey has good effects on our body and is a biologically active product with a rich and complex composition. Its exact composition depends on the flowers that the bees pollinate. Everything contained in this product is essential to human health. There are over three hundred substances in honey that favorably affect the body’s metabolic process.

bulk honey prices| Best seller honey brands in 2019

What is manuka honey?

What is manuka honey?honey prices per kg :  Raw honey has been used for many years to treat various diseases. Honey, as a constituent, has the most effective open hand properties of nature. Honey is rich in several minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help keep free radicals out of the body. In addition, this herbal medicine is increasingly used in skin care because of its therapeutic properties, and is also used orally to strengthen the immune system. Above all, it has been proven that raw honey is one of the best options for treating allergies. The Benefits of Raw Honey: Honey has several health benefits. 

Raw honey increases the amount of calcium and hemoglobin in the body.  This food strengthens the immune system and thus prevents the onset of cough, flu and colds. Honey helps improve digestive health.

Raw honey also acts as a mild laxative. Honey collected from different plants differs in aroma, taste as well as in ingredients. Its vitamin content increases with the increase in pollen content. It has been found that vitamins in vegetables, fruits and other crops are constantly reduced during storage. Of course, this does not include honey. In fact, vitamins and other elements in it are completely stored.

Advantages of eating raw and local honey

Advantages of eating raw and local honey wholesale honey :  Eucalyptus honey Among a selection of bee products, in addition to its very distinctive taste, the factor that makes it very valuable is its health benefits. Eucalyptus honey has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anticoagulant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial and irritant properties. The largest producer of eucalyptus honey is Australia, with the largest species of eucalyptus tree. Many eucalyptus species have been introduced from Australia since the early twentieth century and are also found in European Mediterranean countries, mainly along coasts where trees have good resistance to coastal weather. Eucalyptus is used for the paper, oil, and ornamental industries. All species of eucalyptus are very attractive to bees that feed on both nectar and pollen.

Beeswax and allergy: Allergy as a reaction of our immune system to some foreign particles entering the body that are considered harmful substances. Are happening, it’s happening. In response to those foreign particles, the immune system produces certain substances that react negatively when exposed to foreign particles, resulting in allergic reactions. In this way, instead of helping the body, it produces these allergens that react negatively with the body. This reaction is usually exaggerated because only some people’s immune systems find it dangerous and lead to this effect. This is why only some people develop certain types of allergies while others do not.

How to find relaible honey suppliers?

How to find relaible honey suppliers?honey wholesale price in india : Allergies can have different types and degrees of severity. So how and why is it said that raw honey helps with this? We list the reasons for the usefulness of raw honey as one of the most natural remedies for allergies. Processed and refined. Because only raw honey has the properties to act against and relieve allergies. Eucalyptus Honey Properties: Antibacterial Properties: One of the benefits of eucalyptus honey is its antibacterial activity and its activity by hydrogen peroxide content (a natural antimicrobial compound), low humidity, acid (low) pH and antioxidant activity, all of which Factors prevent the spread of bacteria and even reduce bacteria. It also heals wounds and infections more quickly.

Eucalyptus honey appears to be a useful element in upper respiratory tract infections. Due to its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce bacteria, stimulate inflammation and improve sore throat. So it improves our cough and colds. Eucalyptus honey is used as a natural remedy for the treatment of urinary tract infections. In fact, research shows that eucalyptus honey and other honey species can inhibit the growth of various antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Eucalyptus honey has a pleasant aroma and is very energetic, containing a small amount of essential vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, potassium, copper, iron, calcium as well as amino acids, wax and pollen grains. They all contribute to the nutritional value of honey.

Quality of Iranian raw honey

Quality of Iranian raw honey honey prices 2019 :Sunflower honey and its properties for health : What is Sunflower Honey? To explain this question and the properties of sunflower honey, let’s first explain a little about sunflower. The scientific flower of the Cassian family Helianthus Annuus L. is probably one of the most famous flowers in the world. It is an annual plant, meaning it must be planted every year in spring because it cannot survive the winter. The sunflower is a tall plant that grows up to 2 meters high and its apex up to 2 cm in diameter. Its color is like the yellow sun and its similarity to the sun has given it its name.

Sunflower honey is also one of those honeys that quickly crystallizes (sugar or clay), but this does not make it any less valuable than other natural honeys. On the contrary, this honey is actually quite nutritious and rich in beneficial elements such as amino acids and minerals that have antibacterial, energizing and antioxidant properties. Most allergies are caused by pollen, mildew, and dust in the air. Since honey contains all of these raw materials, it helps build a stronger immune system so that the body is immune to the negative effects that it is thought to lead to. As a result, they are immune to these products. So when the initial reaction changes, the allergy stops. But to do so, it must be raw honey, and preferably the one that is closest to your home, because it is sure to have a “vaccine” that works against the properties that cause allergies.

How much is a pound of honey cost?

How much is a pound of honey cost?

What is Sunflower Honey? Because there is a large cultivated area of ​​sunflowers, bees can get enough nectar and pollen needed. In some countries, sunflower honey is not as important as single flower honey and is often combined with other types of honey. Honey consumption in the Far East has increased dramatically in recent decades. Japan and China have mandated the consumption of honey for school children, and some of these honeys are sunflower honey.

Crystallization: This honey, due to its high glucose content, has a fast crystallization (within two months) and is very hard and when crystallized, it produces very fine crystals with a refreshing taste (such as a fondant). Flower Pollen: Its variation has been recorded from values ​​ranging from less than twenty percent to over ninety percent, and its pollen content per ten grams is usually less than 30,000. Highlights: Unique light yellow, slightly high proline and acidity and high glucose, resulting in high fructose + glucose and low fructose-glucose ratio. Most of the time, sunflower honey has high water content which results in a high ratio of glucose to water. Low levels have also been recorded for sucrose and other oligosaccharides.

How long is honey good for?

How long is honey good for?

Properties of sunflower honey for health : Many people think that sunflower honey has no health benefits and is not very nutritious, but that is not the case. Honey has all the properties of any honey produced by bees, and in addition to its properties, it also has its own properties. Bee therapists recommend this honey for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, lung and kidney diseases, and especially cardiovascular disease. This honey is recommended for all heart patients and is very useful for the elderly who need extra rest and energy (due to its strengthening properties) and growing children (because of boosting the immune system). Like all other honeys, this honey has antimicrobial properties and has been recommended for wound healing, skin inflammation, nasal mucosa swelling and sinusitis (and diluted with water, as well as for wound healing). Another reason that raw honey is effective in treating allergies is its general pharmacological, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.

What are the different types of honey?

What are the different types of honey?

Raw honey helps to strengthen the body and modify various digestive and digestive functions. However, there is another important factor that contributes to the allergies and their reductive properties. When an allergic reaction occurs, the cells of the body are attacked and this makes the person more weak. Honey helps to restore those lost cells and thus helps to protect against future attacks. This is exactly the reason and how honey is used and used in the treatment of allergies. Sunflower honey is also recommended for all types of colds and flu and its unpleasant symptoms such as sneezing, sore throat and fever due to its antioxidant content. Dissolve and drink a teaspoon of honey in lukewarm (not hot) tea. Keep in mind that (for adults) in acute situations, you need six teaspoons of honey daily. Instructions for using the benefits of sunflower honey:

For colds and flu: Mix 100 grams of honey with water and one and a half lemons and take two tablespoons three times a day.

As breast syrup (sputum): Use some sunflower honey inside the herb.

For cough, sore throat and fever: Use this honey when making black radish syrup. Both adults and children should consume one tablespoon of this syrup three times daily and thirty minutes before each meal. In acute situations, you can consume more.

To relieve spastic constipation: Mix a little sunflower honey with twice the amount of pumpkin paste or pumpkin porridge. Take four tablespoons five times a day,

for lung disease: 200 ml of carrot juice, beet and horseradish mixed with 200 ml of sunflower honey and two lemon juice and stir for 30 minutes and At thirty degrees. Half an hour before each meal, eat one tablespoon of this mixture.

Honey international Bulk Prices

Honey international Bulk Pricesprice of honey per kg : Sunflower honey and allergies : Does sunflower honey cause allergies? Because sunflower honey has a relatively high heat, it is likely that allergic reactions in people with allergies to sunflower pollen or bee products will cause a reaction. Typically, pollen is a useful element that stimulates the immune system and induces a stronger response to the immune system. However, some immune systems tend to over-react, viewing harmless pollen-like elements as threatening pathogens, causing mild allergy (itching) or more severe (anaphylactic shock) symptoms. . If you have allergy symptoms after eating sunflower or other honey, seek medical help. As a general rule, if you are not sure about allergies to certain honey, but to other types of bees or pollen from which honey is made, first do skin allergy testing to confirm to find a potential allergy. .

Major suppliers of honey in Iran

Major suppliers of honey in Iranbulk manuka honey : Lemon juice and honey syrup, when they enter the body, modify the extra stored fat, turning it into energy usable for regular body function. Honey lacks cholesterol and it has been reported that honey can help keep your body’s cholesterol level in a controlled state. Raw honey has a viscous texture and this is due to the low water content in the honey. As a natural preservative, honey does not contain bad bacteria. Raw honey is a remarkable and remarkable natural substance that attracts much attention. Search local markets for organic products to get the latest and freshest products. Studies show that tristine, an important compound in eucalyptus and pollen honey, appears to have anticancer activity, and bone metastasis suppresses lung cancer in patients with non-cell lung cancer. Interestingly, this particular treatment has been used in the past as a natural treatment for tuberculosis.

Eucalyptus honey and pregnancy: Honey is useful in pregnancy. However, for more assurance, first be sure of any dangers that eating eucalyptus honey and other honeys may have during pregnancy and consult your doctor, as your doctor may be able to assist you with better nutrition. You and the risk factors for the baby have. Like all honey species, eucalyptus contains pollen from blossoms. When the bee gathers the nectar from the flowers, the pollen also adheres to its body and is normally combined with honey. If you are allergic to some kind of flower pollen, this will make you allergic to honey as it contains pollen.

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