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About us

Yas Honey

Yas Honey Co. incorporates experienced skillful apiarists and committed managers who are familiar with knowledge of the day. By integrating a long-term traditional beekeeping experience with new methods, the Company is going to produce a hundred percent natural & pure honey along with other honeybee products to supply domestic & foreign markets.


Developing and advertising healthy & natural honey and introducing products like royal jelly, propolis, and bee pollen as well as trying to enhance Islamic Republic of Iran as supplier of a hundred percent natural & quality products are our objectives respectively in the domestic & foreign markets.


Apart from quality as the icon of our products, pricing in a way that all classes inside the country can afford the best products and sustaining competitiveness with similar products outside the country are our concerns.

Broad and direct access to first-hand resources, encouraging apiarists not to use chemical or impermissible medicine, and observing all hints on collecting, packaging, and shipping natural honey types and other honeybee products above domestic & international standards are among our competitive advantages.


Our motto is high quality which we never sacrifice it for market competitive prices. Given the quality, presently our prices are the lowest, though.


What we are and used to be results from favors of Almighty God and reliance of the managers and personnel upon Him. We are going to eliminate our deficiencies within the shortest time possible and your company in this route is the bargaining chip of Yas Honey Co.